Realtime 3D Submeter Scoring

For land based testing and training, there is no capability less expensive, faster, or more accurate than our Terrestrial Realtime Acoustic Classification and Scoring (TRACS™) system. It is the solution used to detect, locate, count, and classify single and multiple simultaneous ordnance detonations in absolute WGS84 coordinates. Deployable and operable by a single person, TRACS™ is the most cost effective alternative to traditional weapon testing and training instrumentation.

The real value in an automated scoring system is the ability to ingest natural occurring data emitted by impact or detonation events, in even complicated scoring scenarios, and localize each discrete event in realtime. This allows for tactical ordnance and weapon types to be scored without the need to modify the weapon system or the ordnance. Meter-level accurate results are displayed in seconds, and sub-meter accurate results in minutes.

TRACS™ acoustic based architecture is omni-directional and will always produce a score because the data can be audibly/visually reviewed and processed in almost any weather condition, day or night. If your weapon strikes the scoring zone, you WILL get a score.